Музыка // Burzum // FijЇТs Golden Tears

Текст песни «Burzum - FijЇТs Golden Tears»

Alone in the night, FijЇ is crying; she has been left by her husband who had to leave to fight the darkness of matter. Thoughts of what once was flow through her mind; their play in the green grass and under colourful trees, wonderful fields of flowers, fresh fruits and berries, and beautiful music from the elven choirs. Running waters make them dream, lakes where they bathed, riverfalls and marvelous clouds in the sky. They were happy, they had their Golden Age. Now, all she has left are her Golden Tears, that run from her skyblue eyes, as a witness to what once was - to what is lost forever; until a New World is born, after Ragnar°k. In the meantime, give our dear FijЇ some warm thoughts, to help her through the cold nights.