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The gods have just managed to tie FanjarюhЇ to the ground. Tэw lost his right hand during the process; it was the wolfТs security, a guarantee he would not be tricked; but he was indeed. His jaw has been bolted to the ground with a broadsword, and foam runs from his mouth in two rivers. The rivers Wсn and Wэl - of hope and will. The gods are laughing in joy, and walk happily back towards their home; the terrible wolf has been rendered harmless. Only Tэw is left, bleeding heavily from the wrist, watching the suffering of the wolf, as it twists its body in torment. He looks into the eyes of FanjarюhЇ and sees its very soul, its pain and sorrow; its dreadful faith. Getting up, he walks back to ╩rЇn to let her heal his wound, stop his bleeding. Now he knows what it is like to see into the eyes of Fire. He will never be the same again, he did not only lose his hand, when on the island with the wolf.