Музыка // Children Of Bodom // Towards Dead End

Текст песни «Children Of Bodom - Towards Dead End»

No flickering light at the end of the path
Confront repressions of the past
Fear... Prevail... Insanity... Obey!
Draw back in silence to dwell in anxiety
No matter where I am, I'm alone
My dreams are shattered
into thousand running tears
The tears keep dripping down, down,
deep, down from my veins
I'm walking towards dead end I'm walking all alone
Two steps behind insanity
There's no starlight guiding my way throught this downward death row
Soon will be the time I have to go...
Little by little the end is drawing near
Another night and so little blood to spare
(Ya can hurt me... but ya can't possess me 'Y know...)
Kill me, hurt me, fuck me, rape me, you won't have me!