Музыка // Deep Purple // Strange Kind Of Woman

Текст песни «Deep Purple - Strange Kind Of Woman»

There once was a woman
A strange kind of woman
The kind that gets written down in history
Her name was Nancy
Her face was nothing fancy
She left a trail of happiness and misery

I loved her
Everybody loved her
She loved everyone and gave them good return
I tried to take her
I even tried to break her
She said I ain't for takin' won't you ever learn

I want you I need you I gotta be near you
I spent my money as I took my turn
I want you I need you I gotta be near you
Ooh I got a strange kind of woman

She looked like a raver
But I could never please her
On Wednesday mornings boy you can't go far
I couldn't get her
But things got better--she said
Saturday nights from now on baby you're my star

She finally said she loved me
I wed her in a hurry
No more callers and I glowed with pride