Музыка // Jennifer Lopez // I've been thinking

Текст песни «Jennifer Lopez - I've been thinking»

All I need is a place to be
And a way to feel
A space to figure out where I belong
A chance to know my thoughts
And find a way to show
What I feel...
And If this is real... Yeah

Don't wanna disappoint you
Don't wanna let you down
Cause that's the last thing I would do
Im asking for you patience
I realize I could loose you
But lately I've been so confused

Chorus: I've been thinkin' (thinking)
You've been on my mind (on my mind)
So I've been praying (praying)
To find a way that I (a way that I)
Can be sure, the way that (the way that)
You've been sure with me (sure with me)
Don't you want that for me

Wondering endlessly if this is right or wrong
Or if it's just about me all along
All I need is time to search within my soul
So I can share a deeper part of me...


Bridge Baby, what's meant to be (what was meant to be)
Will surely be (will surely be baby)
If you love me baby you would understand
But I can't give you anything (can't give you anything)
If I don't have myself to give (if I don't have myself to give)
And it's killing me inside...

Chorus x2