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Текст песни «King Diamond - Catacomb»

(Solo: Andy La Rocque)
Down into the dark I go, armed with just a candle and then my soul
Cryptic messages written on the floor
Rats are nibbling at my feet, I send one off to nevermore

Too much darkness, spiders on my eyes
Webs are hanging from my tighs, the fatter ones must die
I see shadows walking straght and tall
I don't know how they move, dancing on the walls
Presence of fear, a presence so near
I wonder what could be so powerful beyond the dark

Human bones...in little chambers all along the narrow halls
Catacomb, death over life...Catacomb, am I here to die?
I see a light, I push some bones aside

(Solo: Glen Drover)

Down into the dark I go, another chamber, a chamber with a glow
Could this be a doorway to another world?
Or darkness playing tricks, with my little mind?

The virgin Mary is standing tall
A full size figure carved in wood up against the wall
Her face is peeling from all the yars gone by
Is it just a statue, or is it what I'm looking for?
I break her face and see another one instead
The mummy's face appears as the bandages they fall

Dried out face with hate upon me gaze
How grotesque...the mummy wears a crown of thorns
From the empty sockets where its eyes should be
An entity of light is pouring out towards me
And then the sound...Jesus Christ, what have they done to you?

(Solo: Glen Drover)

I'm running for my life, I'm running from the night
But it's so hard to breathe, the stench down here is much too much
Satan help me, help me God
Help me anyone who hears my cry of fear
Cold winds from far beyond the dark