Музыка // King Diamond // The 7th Day Of July 1777

Текст песни «King Diamond - The 7th Day Of July 1777»

(Acc.guitar: Andy)
Count de La Fey uncovered his cheating
9 month of loving and sharing
Oh it was a bastard child
how could he have been so blind

"No bastard baby
will inherit what's mine
Another one of her affairs
had left him in despair"

So he pushed her down the stairs
to die.. "No" She cried
In 1777, on the 7th Day of July

The Countess broke her neck and the
embryo came out dead
Then he burned his beloved Wife
and the embryo he gave a name
"Abigail You must rest in shame" Rest in shame

(Solo: Andy)

with a strange idea
he wanted to mummify
the girl for the future to find... and he did

(Solo: Mike)