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Some say you only get so many breaths, when they're gone you'll meet your maker, some people always try to cheat their death but when it comes you just cant shake it. Some people try to make a deal to get a little bit more but they try to take it. Some of them end up in debt, when their called they try to fake it, but one morning the clock will chime and no more birds come flying by and tempretures keep rising higher, 16 bullets come flying by.

Ai yi yi put your hands up high
coz' you never know how long your gunna live till' ya die

They hit you with a missile, hit you with a bomb, hit you with the law try to take your home. Break into your house in the middle of the night, track you on a cell phone by satellite, stopped any time you're in your car, search your body search your home an' listenin' in on your phone calls. Still no politician got enough balls, lining the people up against the wall. When the truth comes out all hell will call and someday guantanamo will fall, until that day we all will ride on.

ai yi yi put your hands up high
coz' you never know how long your gunna live till' ya die

Thats life in the city, Thats life in the city yeah, Thats life in the city, mad world in the city.
Some holdin' on, so damn gone their whole lives livin with their tv on, then radio play the same 10 songs, set your clock by which ones on an watching the news try to see whats wrong, find sombody else to blame it on. Hope they never come and reserch you coz' your grandmother was an immigrant too. So if you love somebody better tell them so coz you never ever ever no when they gonna go, if they love you back, just give thamks, cant keep love like money in the bank
You never know, You never know, Its gonna get you.