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Текст песни «No Doubt - Magic's In The Makeup»

an you tell I’m faking it?
But I want to be myself
A counterfeit disposition
Can’t be good for my health
So many different faces
Depending on the different phases
My personality changes
I’m a chameleon
There’s more than one dimension
I can fool you and attract attention
Camouflage my nature
Let me demonstrate…

Makeup’s all off
Who am I?
Magic’s in the makeup
Who am I?

If you bore me them I’m comfortable
If you interest me I’m scared
My attraction paralyzes me
No courage to show my true colors that exist
But I want to be the real thing
But if you catch my eye can’t be authentic
The one’s I loath are the one’s that know me the best

My makeup’s all off
Who am I?
The magic’s in the makeup
Who am I?

The makeup’s all off