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Текст песни «Slum Village - Conant Gardens»

Where we come from is a place we call Conant Gardens
(Motown) We getting shit started
If you every hear us say Magnet-net-net

[Jay Dee]
ItЎЇs going down like that range rover
When ladies see you they get the love hang over
Day or a night if you wanna stay over
You better have the will to bend over and take...

Off your clothes in time..
Conqueror, come back to give some of that old
Pictual, actual, factual; Let MacЎЇll bring you the raw
With gigantic flow that my people come to love

Azurite, get down with it
CanЎЇt fathom these brothers fantastic
Uh, I heard cry when I dip that ass in some plastic
How could you master, you deal with rappinЎЇ bastards
Because you asked us if we could bring you fashions
Fascists , because we turn this rap shit into something tragic
I didnЎЇt wanna have to put you in some action
Uh, I know you asked but did you really wanna have it?
See, I cause havoc like a loaded automatic...

[Jay Dee]
How do you like me now nigga, you know my style say WORD
IЎЇm from the city where we know for slayinЎЇ pounds of herb
Getting dough is a must, and itЎЇs the money making its
Yo, the never faking its creating shit thatЎЇs taking your hoe
After the show you know I step up in the place...

...when I step up in the place
Mind Is not strong enough, to hold me back,
The tools you lack, the skills you deal,
Lyrics to kill, cars to deal,
Cops to peel, image too real!

Do it, do it, do it, do it, do it, do it, do it...
Come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come on, come, on...
Do it, do it , do it, come on, come on, do it do it...

[Jay Dee]
Back again from the bank baby, common my chain
Chains for most of these cats probably cop my rings
Quick, fast, and always got a way to get cash
Whiplash is what you get when you mashing the gas
If you ask, you might catch me...

...You might catch me on my rental
WonЎЇt catch me in tinted windows
Might catch me ???
Or various instrumentals and yo...
Got a whole crew and my crew is monumental and yo...
You need to lo and behold these innuendos

Its just the fine talk
MacЎЇll come with tracks, you relaxe-d
My rhyme is universal like a elastic-uh
I hope you feel me like you feel your past-or

[Jay Dee]
...What do you ???
And you so used to bab-bl-ing
??? Cause we mas-tered this rap shit
Pockets get madder cause its hitting so imma-culate
You like the way it goes down when S attacks-it
It will get tragic when the S is on the mission...