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(singing) players

It's the seven eighty-eight
DDT a, just like Jake The Snake
Actually, we don't participate
But if you do then I'ma see you at your Wake, (players)
Don't let the drama fluctuate, I don't wanna, I gotta, because it's snakes
Now where would we be at, if we let you do that
We'd probrably, be laying on our backs, (players)
Talkin this and that you on my, your plan yeah, it was wack
I never would play myself out like that
But, um, I guess that's where you at, (players)

(Jay Dee)
(then I'ma play a game for ya)
What I'ma do is like uh
Cut out ya whole crew, cause ya crew likes to bite us
Y'all stick to freestyling cause y'all aint no writers
Trying to be some, (players) and can't play the game
See ya, sound the same, and ya claim to be something you aint
And won't be without SV (that's right) ya'll need to be smacked
Open hands and beat by these (players)

I could give a fuck about this shit
You all up in my face over some ho shit
Just come out
You wanna be wit my click, you must know, really
How wild I get, when I walk in the place saying,(players) Yes!, Yes!
There's some people who really wanna see the S
Personally, I could give a fuck less
Check ya lady, she's a groupie ho
Opening her coochie hole, fuck that ho,(players)
When you front, this is for ?, you(echo)

(Jay Dee)
Yo, Yo, you wanna be some (players)
And can't play this game