Музыка // Sugar // The Act We Act

Текст песни «Sugar - The Act We Act»

I'm watching you walk
As you walk that distant way
Take that thing away from me
Take away most everything
I couldn't say I'd blame you
You should never look in back
You wouldn't be to blame
If you couldn't take it back

Hours slipping by as you watch
The worlds collide
Now you're nothing more
Than another passerby
The dark it turns to light
In a distant flash of night
Rolling with the tide I confide
The act we wear it thin again

If affection holds you back
Then what is left to hold
If I could find the answer to that
Question then I'd know
The thoughts that
Clutter up your mind
And leave me feeling drained
And walking pacing up the walls
Across the floor again

All the things I haven't seen
Once the final curtain has been raised
The act we act is wearing thin
The act we act we under my skin
The words the words we said goodbye
The words left choking in my mind
The act we act is wearing thin
I think we wear it out again

Another big explosion
Leaving you hoping
That something that once
Held you down
Could leave you feeling
On the ground

The confusion that persists
Decisions that you guessed