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Big Tray Deee up in here
Layin' fools down wit the homie TQ
I gots to do this for my bread & meat
This the only way I know how to eat
Fools don't know I'm steady on the come up
Ya know what I'm sayin'?

Well, I was takin' up surveylance, tryin' to peep this lick
To get the layout raps, so I could peal his ?flip?
This outta town nigga tryin' to pose & clock
So I popped my glock as I observed the spot
Was layin' in the cut 'til it's time to jet
7:30PM, now the sun is set
My G is in the alley, duffle bag in the trunk
Containing gloves, ski mask & my sawed off pump
Now when the shit jump, I'll be fully prepared
No time for bein' nervous, too down to be scared
About to put the plan in effect
First, I check the streets
And then I precede to creep

1 - Promise the Lord that if you let me do one more lick
I'mma stop slangin' & get out this shit
No more indo, no more yay
But let me keep my Benz & my crib in GA

I pray to the Lord that you do the same for all of my friends
I don't ever wanna say this prayer again
Gotta see a million and I'm through with this
And all I'm gonna need is just one more lick

In the morning when I wake up
Head to the bathroom, gotta shave my face up
Go pick my nigga Jay up
>From Corina house, where he always laid up
Listen up, we got a busy day
My nigga Noid say 23 birds comin' our way
And they landin' at the docks at 9 o'clock
Let's go see D-Mack at the neighborhood glock shop

Repeat 1

In the evening, we in the Benzo
Listenin' to 2Pac, blowin' up some indo
And my cellular is getting crossed up
I call Kellie, tell her not to wait up (wait up)
Nine o'clock on the dot, we at the dock
I got my eyes on the nigga wit the dredlocks
He the first one I'm gonna pop when the loot come out