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Текст песни «TQ - Your Sister»

You know what?
I'm 'bout to tell you some shit, that's gon' fuck you up
That's real, y' ain't gon' like it
Well, shit
Fuck, that's the way it is, check it out

Verse 1: TQ

I like to think back to when we spent the weekend
In Cabo baby, your sister's boyfriend started trippin'
And left her lonely
After you went to sleep - I spent the night out on the beach
Laid up on her body - how could I keep from hittin'?
And every time I came to your house
She always kissed me in the mouth
Always stickin' her tongue out when you wasn't lookin'
I wanna fuck you sister

Chorus: TQ

Now we been messin' round a long long time
But now I wanna fuck your sister
And I know it sounds foul but that's alright
Cause why should I have to bullshit ya'
(play wit' ya)