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Текст песни «Violent Femmes - Cold Canyon»

Travel 'round the country
Look out for what I can get
Another blessed highway
Hey mister you're gonna regret
'Cause you just reminded me of something
I long to forget
But no matter how much he drink or smoke
My memory's still clear
It hurts me dear
It's sharp today like it was yesterday
No I don't have much hope
Just the other night I came
Face to face with my past
Came down like a lightning bolt
Struck me with a flash
I was praying all along
That it would not last
Oh stop it stop it stop it stop it
Y'know the last time you rang
I nearly died I almost cried
I put my pride in my pockets
And said you gotta stay cool cool cool
Y'know some things just gotta hang
Oh Lord Lord
Take me back
I'm going back
The long track
So do yourself a favor
And leave me if you please
I'm in a cold cold canyon
With a cold cold canyon breeze