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Текст песни «Violent Femmes - Key Of 2»

Well I was sentenced to prison
To do about one year
They said it isn't so bad
We got a good band here
We play every Wednesday night
Sometimes Tuesday too
It's the music of the future and it will get to you
When I heard the band for the first time
They has no (rhythm). They had no (rhyme)
Well it almost like a dream
I never wanted to have
It drove me (crazy). It drove me (mad)
The man said: ";C'mon and play
And here's an instrument for you
It's an ancient flute
It's in the key of 2. Blow...";
I gotta get more time. I gotta stay in here
I used to be foggy
But the music made me clear
Now the jail in rockin' like Elvis never knew
I'm on the inside now. I'm in the key of 2
Now we all are lifers and I'm in the band too
We play my favorite song. It's in the key of 2