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Текст песни «Violent Femmes - Living A Lie»

I'm living a lie because I can't tell the truth.
There's a fire in the basement,
a fire on the roof.
I'm just sitting in my chair wearing a smile.
I'm going to vanish in the air after awhile.
Did did you get the news that I'm lost at sea
Hey, hey somebody's confused though it couldn't be me.
I wasn't near that place.
I don't know where it was.
She didn't see my face.
You know its true because
I know wise things.
I know about these things.
I know why it is caged,
so I don't know why I'm enraged.

I'm lying about my birth and I'm lying about my death.
For all I'm worth, I lie with every breath.
Lying homes are built on my crying habitations.
Here's the milk that I spilt,
my undying lamitations
I know about these things, I know about these things
I know why it is caged,