Музыка // Wolverine // Again?

Текст песни «Wolverine - Again?»

Music:S.Zell/M.Losbjer/M.Zell Lyrics:S.Zell

Echoes from the past lingers
Through my head... again
Days turned to years and
Years turned to love

I thought I had lost you
I thought youґd lost me too

Silence told me you name
When I was slowly going insane
Carried me away
Into the day...

Is there still time to say the words
Is there still life in those enchanted eyes

All the faded memories, they come back to me
A play of silence, before my eyes
You gave me memories and you gave me life
All my sadness, was swept away.

Dancing close to maybe
Through marble halls of me
Years turned to days and
Days turned to love... again?