Музыка // Wolverine // More Than Grief

Текст песни «Wolverine - More Than Grief»

Music:M.Zell Lyrics:S.Zell/M.Losbjer

Your face etched in my mind
Replaces all my control

Turned to more than grief
The loss of his life inhaled

My dream, to dream again
Help me, stranger take my hand

And when hope speaks to him
The promise turns to a lie

All his life heґs been looking for a life
All his life heґs been searching for a light
All the pain inside shows on the outside
And he still tries to complete the last of his dreams

Crusifixion just erased my tries
Science fiction may bring me back to my life

My face etched in your mind?
My fate laid in your hands?

There in his mind she lies
But in his heart it is right

Iґll try, try to break through
Your walls of self deceit

Still heґll try, find a way
A guide to take him away

More than grief, no belief