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Music:S.Zell/M.Zell Lyrics:S.Zell

Without her precense my eyes tell lies to me
And all those memories resound in my deranged and battered mind
This suffocating illusion tears my mind
And the remains of the truth

Pictures of her wrapped in lust and craving arms of men
The echoes of their pleasure run through my head
She's led astray and fooled some way
Again and again...
By specious smiles of those I wish were dead

The warmth of laughter fills the night
Then turn to echoes of eagerness, oh, it can't go on
A fictive scenery unfolded in my eyes
Are all these laughter and cries
Created out of lies

Oh, come take my hand
I am lost without your guiding light
And I need you to save me from darkness
I will always be there for you
I promise I'll stay